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Part # CI100055

APR Carbon Fiber Intake System – (4M/9Y/SUV) – 3.0T

Fits 2019-2023 Audi Q7, Q8, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne


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The Ultimate Intake System for the 3.0T EA839 V6 SUV Engine is Here! APR’s 3.0T EA839 V6 Intake System for SUV models provides an OEM+ appearance upgrade with a single-body carbon fiber intake plenum that flows up to 34% more than stock. The system features a proprietary performance intake filter with a high flow cotton gauze filtration material and flow-bench optimized design that enhances airflow through the system and into the intake plenum. The filter flows up to 12% more than stock and sees reduced pressure drop at the same flow rates. This puts less strain on the turbocharger, and maximizes performance, all while sharpening throttle and turbocharger response. This is the ultimate intake for the 3.0T EA839 V6 engine! The Design The 3.0T SUV’s engine bay design is tight. The factory utilizes a dual inlet design that feeds into an airbox placed under the intake filter cover which feeds into a multi part turbocharger plenum. Airflow is directed 180 degrees into turbo inlet adapter and into the turbocharger. The intake filter was optimized on the flow bench to provide the maximum amount of flow while utilizing a filter media that provided adequate filtration and extended filter life. Through several design revisions verified on the flow bench, APR increased CFM by up to 12% over stock! The overall shape and design of the filter looks similar to the factory unit, due to its location, but internally features several enhancements to provide increased airflow beyond changing filter media alone. Next the turbocharger plenum was upgraded. The factory plenum is tiny and features a flow restricting split-body design. We did away with this and made ours a large and organically shaped single-body design to promote airflow. Carbon fiber was used not only because it looks great, but it allows for thin walls and complex geometry to maximize cross sectional area. This aids in airflow and reduces pressure drop. The plenum is dramatically larger than the factory unit in various areas and is a single-piece design that extends all the way to the turbo inlet adapter. All of these improvements result in an upgrade that’s worthy to grace the 3.0T’s engine bay. The intake system lets the engine breathe more freely to maximize performance and gives a subtle but enhanced engine note that’s sure to delight the decerning ear! Go APR!


  • System flows up to 34% more than stock
  • Filter flows up to 12% more than stock
  • Less pressure drop than stock at the same flow rates
  • Maximizes performance while sharpening throttle and turbo response
  • Carbon fiber single-body intake
  • Washable and reusable cotton gauze filter material
  • Flow-bench optimized filter and plenum design
  • Enhanced engine and turbocharger sounds
  • Gorgeous organically shaped design
  • Works at any stage of performance
  • Emissions friendly

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 14 in




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