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AWE | Exhaust Suite – BMW G2X 330i / 430i

AWE | Exhaust Suite – BMW G2X 330i / 430i


The perfect dose of aggression for the BMW G2X 330i/430i has arrived:


  • 50-state emissions legal
  • Touring and Track Edition Axleback Exhausts
  • Engineered for coupe and sedan
  • Touring Editions feature AWE’s patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®
  • Dyno-verified max gains of +8 hp and +10 lb-ft of torque at the wheels
  • Included OEM sleeve clamp allows easy conversion back to stock exhaust
  • Crafted from CNC mandrel-bent 3” U.S.-sourced .065” wall T304L stainless steel
  • AWE Valve Simulator Brackets included
  • Dual 4.5” tips available in chrome silver or diamond black
  • Track Edition: 17 lbs, Touring Edition: 30.5 lbs, stock: 34.5 lbs
  • Less is more: clean, straight-through design maximizes performance
  • AWE Perfect Fitment Guarantee
  • AWE No CEL Guarantee
  • AWE Lifetime Warranty
  • Download Installation Instructions: AWE Axleback Exhaust for G2X BMW 330i/430i.


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The perfect dose of aggression for the BMW G2X 330i/430i.

Track Edition:

Beginning after the secondary catalyst, the Track Edition picks up right before the rear axle and provides a full single 3” route from this point and splits to dual 3” tip outlets. The Track Edition has absolutely zero filter, making its sole purpose to increase the volume out of the B48 engine while remaining completely 50-state emissions compliant.

A simple cut at the factory cut point is all it takes, and the Track Edition goes into place via four bolt-on components. We include a factory clamp for the cut point that allows drivers to easily swap back to their stock rear section if ever needed.

Touring Edition:

The Touring Edition shares the same real estate as it’s Track Edition sibling, with the primary differentiator being the implementation of AWE’s patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®.

Given the straight-through design and lack of packing material, the 180 Technology® resonators’ job is to defeat drone prone frequencies that would otherwise be experienced within the cabin. Maximum flow is maintained and exterior volume is increased, just as it would if it were a Track Edition, with the interior experience being much more sophisticated and tame.

Sound Perfection: 180 Technology® by AWE:
As exhaust gasses exit the B48 engine and flow into an AWE 180 Technology® equipped resonator, they pass through strategically located ports, and into reflection chambers. Sound waves, carried by these exhaust gasses, bounce off the walls of the reflection chambers. By controlling the size and location of the ports and the chambers, we also control when the sound waves exit the chambers. The specific timing of when the reflected sound waves rejoin the main exhaust flow creates a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree out-of-phase sound wave that cancels out problematic frequencies. Call it science, call it magic, or call it 180 Technology® by AWE.

(Critical intel–please read) Which option should you go with?

Due to the structural differences between the 330i and 430i, we recommend the following configurations:

330i: With all factory emissions equipment in place, the Track Edition is recommended for those wanting an elevated exhaust experience from within the cabin. If you plan to upgrade anything further upstream, consider the Touring Edition. Otherwise, the Touring Edition will resemble stock from within the cabin.

430i: Given the coupe design of the 430i, interior acoustics differ when compared to its sedan sibling, with new frequencies making their way into cabin. Due to this, and with all factory emissions equipment in place, we recommend equipping the Touring Edition to ensure an enjoyable driving experience. Drivers can, of course, equip a Track Edition, but it may be much for some, especially if anything upstream has been changed. You’ve been warned.

Tip Options:

AWE Touring and Track Editions come standard with dual 4.5” double-walled, slash-cut tips available in chrome silver or diamond black.

What’s in the box?

Complete AWE Touring or Track Edition Axleback Exhaust, AWE valve simulator, two slash-cut tips in chosen finish, factory 85mm sleeve clamp, hangar locking collars, and all required hardware for installation.


Dyno Tests: AWE Exhaust Suite for the BMW G2X 330i/430i

Below are comparison dyno tests as performed on our Mustang MD-500-SE AWD dyno.

Wheel horsepower gains for the AWE Touring Edition Axleback Exhaust for the G2X 330i/430i.

G2X 330 dyno

Additional information

Exhaust Option

Track Edition – Chrome Silver Tips, Track Edition – Diamond Black Tips, Touring Edition – Chrome Silver Tips, Touring Edition – Diamond Black Tips, Track-to-Touring Conversion, Touring-to-Track Conversion


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