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AWE | Exhaust Suite – BMW G8X M3 / M4

AWE | Exhaust Suite – BMW G8X M3 / M4


Welcome to the party in the back. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the BMW G8X M3 & M4:

  • 50-state emissions-complaint dual 3” exhaust configuration
  • Available as valved SwitchPath™ or rowdy Track Edition
  • AWE’s first SwitchPath™ exhaust for BMW to incorporate drone-canceling 180 Technology®
  • SwitchPath™ retains factory valve controls, no additional remote needed
  • Fits stock and M-Performance valances
  • Optional non-resonated performance mid-pipes available separately (for AWE Exhausts only)
  • Track Edition (with mid-pipes) provides a 13 lb weight savings over the stock exhaust
  • Bespoke X-pipe unlocks a smooth tone out of the S58
  • Ball socket mounting points for easy installation
  • Max gains of 3 hp and 5 lb-ft of torque at the wheels
  • Quad 4.5” double-walled, slash-cut tips available in chrome silver and diamond black
  • Less is more: clean, straight-through design maximizes performance
  • Manufactured in-house at AWE
  • AWE No CEL guarantee
  • AWE Perfect Fitment guarantee
  • AWE Lifetime Warranty
  • Download Installation Instructions: AWE Exhaust Suite for the BMW G8X M3/M4


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Welcome to the party in the back. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the BMW G8X M3 & M4


Presenting the first AWE SwitchPath™ configuration for BMW to incorporate patented drone-canceling 180 Technology®.

No drone, minimal bends, maximum flow, and push-button attitude. The SwitchPath™ Exhaust is comprised of 3-inch U.S.-sourced T304L stainless steel, a precision x-pipe, and a valved SwitchPath™ muffler tuned specifically for the S58.

Beginning after factory mid pipe, the precision X-pipe immediately helps smooth the S58 of its rasp, deepening the tone before its refined further by the bespoke SwitchPath™ muffler in the rear.

The closed valve experience:

When the valves are closed, the SwitchPath™ Exhaust produces a refined, aggressive howl while remaining full-bodied and powerful – no congested, metallic sounds when on the throttle. At cruising speeds, interior acoustics are close to stock with no drone at cruising speeds. AWE SwitchPath™ tech also responds perfectly to the many transmission settings and shift points in automatic vehicles. Drop the hammer with the valves closed and SwitchPath™ sings a proper M anthem. If you were to leave the valves closed at all times after equipping SwitchPath™, we wouldn’t blame you — it’s that good… all of the time.

The opened valve experience:

Open the valves and the S58’s roar is uncorked. Sport and Sport+ modes achieve the ultimate contrast in behavior when compared to comfort driving modes (valves closed). In Sport mode, the exhaust note is powerful, clean, and aggressive. In Sport+ mode, the same aggression applies… but with grin-provoking burbles.  Thanks to the precision X-pipe, the rasp is still kept in check while allowing the exhaust note to reach full aggression.

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds (i.e. drone-free, clean aggression), and want to retain your factory valve behavior all while gaining peace of mind (i.e. emissions compliance), look no further than SwitchPath™.

The Track Edition:

AWE’s Track Edition takes all of the precision engineering and performance of its SwitchPath™ counterpart, minus the valved muffler in the rear. The result is a constant “valve open” mode, at an affordable price. If you’re craving rich and rowdy tones at all times, and a hefty 13 lb weight savings, this is your dose of steel.

The Track Edition Exhaust, also 50 state legal like its SwitchPath™ sibling, comes complete with AWE valve simulators to accommodate your factory exhaust valve motors. Happy ECU, happy life.

Note: This version is known to get rowdy, and may be too much for many. For that reason, this particular version cannot be returned due to sound preference. Prepare yourself (Sport+ mode can be pretty raucous)!

The Non-Resonated Performance Mid Pipes:

Ditch the factory mid section and replace it with two 3”, non-resonated mid-pipes designed to up the ante in the aggression department. Mate the mid-pipes to the SwitchPath™ or Track Edition Exhausts if you prefer the party to start right behind the factory secondary catalysts.


When it comes to showing off the party out back, each exhaust comes complete with quad 4.5” double-walled, slash-cut tips available in chrome silver or diamond black.

Very important fitment notes (please read this too):

  • Mid Pipes:  AWE’s Non-Resonated Performance Mid-Pipes are designed to be paired to AWE Exhausts only. Due to varying cut points, they’re not guaranteed to work with another manufacturer’s exhaust configuration.
  • Exhausts:  AWE Exhausts feature inlet adapters to mate to the factory mid-section. When pairing AWE Mid-Pipes to the SwitchPath™ or Track Edition Exhausts, the aforementioned adapters are not needed. Due to varying cut points, AWE Exhausts are not guaranteed to mate with another manufacturer’s mid pipes.
  • Valances:  AWE Exhausts are confirmed to fit all factory valances.

Dyno Tests: AWE Exhaust Suite for the BMW G8X M3/M4

Below are comparison dyno tests as performed on our Mustang MD-500-SE AWD dyno.

Wheel horsepower gains for the AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust and Non-Res Performance Mid-Pipes for the G8X M3/M4

G80 Dyno

Additional information

Exhaust Option

Track Edition – Chrome Silver Tips, Track Edition – Diamond Black Tips, SwitchPath Edition – Chrome Silver Tips, SwitchPath Edition – Diamond Black Tips, Non-Resonated Mid Pipes


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