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Part # HST-RSR-010-3

HS Tuning | RSR Hybrid Clutch Kit – GTI MK8

HS Tuning | RSR Hybrid Clutch Kit – GTI MK8

Increased holding power and improved pedal feel, the New Hybrid R clutch kit is the perfect solution for your MK8 Golf GTI with increased engine output!

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HS Tuning RSR Hybrid Clutch Disk

Kevlar Unsprung Disk

93 in stock!


HS Tuning RSR Pressure Plate

89 in stock!


Throwout Bearing

93 Available as of 7:13 PM



1686 Available as of 7:13 PM


BOLT N90320701

7126 Available as of 7:13 PM


MK8 Golf GTI/R Transmission Hardware Kit


MQB/MK8 Transmission Fluid Service Kit



2.0T Rear Main Seal Kit (x1 Sealant - x8 Screw - x1 Rear Main Seal)


Sachs MK8 Golf GTI/R Flywheel



This clutch was developed to fill a void in the market. Many MK8 GTI  owners wanted to increase the output of their car with ECU software, hybrid turbos, and the corresponding bolt on parts without having to deal with the compromises of a single-mass clutch kit. The clutch disc is a complete redesign from the original RSR clutch, utilizing an HD organic friction material on the flywheel side, and a segmented kevlar material on the pressure plate side. This provides a smooth but positive engagement. The lightweight, unsprung hub keeps the mass of the disc as low as possible. The clutch engages very close to the stock engagement point in the pedal travel.  Although the RSR hybrid isn’t silent at idle without the clutch pedal depressed it’s notably more quiet than most single mass clutches, and it does not have any of the noise that single mass kits have during low rpm acceleration or high rpm deceleration. A great deal of time, effort, and testing went into this clutch. The result is a clutch that has stock like drivability with a significantly increased torque capacity! We recommend this clutch for Golf R owners that have increased power, but daily drive their cars.

We do not recommend using a dual mass style clutch for any car that is regularly used for drag racing. If your car is regularly used for drag racing, please look at our Southbend Drag or DKM Twin Disc options.

Crank Torque Holding Measurements:
550 ft/lbs
745 Nm

Kit includes: Clutch disc, pressure plate, Genuine throwout bearing, pressure plate and throwout bearing bolts.

Along with this kit we also offer new Clutch Install Hardware Kits. When having everything apart we also recommend our Transmission Fluid Service Kit. All kits come only with OEM VW/Audi hardware. Details below.

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RSR utilizes the factory Dual Mass Flywheel. Does not work with a Single Mass Flywheel!!!


Clutch Install Hardware Kits: All bolts that should be replaced when doing a clutch replacement.

Golf GTI:
2 – Axle Bolts
3 – Transmission Mount to Bracket Bolts
3 – Transmission Bracket to Transmission Bolts
3 – Torque Arm Bolts
6 – Ball Joint to Control Arm Nuts
4 – Bevel Box Bolt

Transmission Fluid Service Kit:
3 – 1L Bottles of OEM Transmission Fluid
2 – OEM Drain/Fill Plugs

**These clutch kits are built to order, and we cannot accept returns on this product**

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 6 in
Clutch Kit Type

FSI, MK6 Golf R, MK7 Golf R, TSI, MK7 2.0T TSI

Include Transmission Hardware Kit?

MK5/6 TSI (+44.99), MK6 Golf R (+59.99), MK7 GTI (+44.99), MK7 GTI Performance Pack (+54.99), MK7 Golf R (+59.99), No Hardware

Include OEM Rear Main Seal Kit?

No, Yes – TSI (+93), Yes – FSI (+124.86)

Include Transmission Fluid Service Kit?

No, MK6 (+84.99), MK7 (+126.88)

Include x12 Inner Axle Bolts?

No, Yes (+13.20)


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