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Part # UH030-BTA

TTE1020 Turbochargers for 4.0TFSI C8 RS6/RS7

Hardware Included
  • 1x New pair of TTE1020 turbochargers with standard heat shielding (as pictured)
Required Software
  • Stage 3 ECU
  • Stage 3 TCU
Required Hardware Found Below
  • 4 Bar TMAP Sensor Upgrade Kit for 4.0TFSI EA825 by Unitronic
  • 60mm Adapter Ring Set for C8 4.0TFSI Turbo Inlets
  • Carbon Fiber Intake & Turbo Inlets for C8 RS 6/RS 7 Matte Carbon
  • CSF Intercooler Upgrade for C8 RS6/RS7, Raw Billet Aluminum via Unitronic
  • Unitronic Performance Downpipes for C8 RS 6 and RS 7


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The TTE1020 Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade for the 4.0TFSI EA825 found in the C8 Audi RS6 and RS7 is capable of up to 936 HP / 830 LB-FT combined with Unitronic Stage 3 ECU Performance Software, Unitronic Stage 3 TCU Performance Software, Unitronic Stage 3 TCU Performance Software and supporting Unitronic Hardware upgrades.

The TTE1020’s are remanufacturered factory turbochargers, with TTE fitting larger billet compressors and 9 blade exhaust turbines, with the appropriate milling of the exhaust housing to suite for greater power capacity. Precise balancing of the TTE turbochargers is a key critical factor to become a TTE upgrade unit, as longevity and performance are paramount. Good balance improves acoustics and subsequently, great care is taken with all TTE turbochargers to achieve the TTE balance standards. Firstly parts are balanced at slow speeds up to 2800RPM in multiple planes using TTE’s esingle parts machine, then components are assembled, and then the CHRA’s are dynamically balanced, but this time depending on the application, at up to 250,000 RPM in multiple planes using its in house VSR machine to acquire the ultimate equilibrium, to a standard far higher than OEM. Each turbocharger is supplied with a serial numbered balance test result document.

Features / Benefits
  • Genuine BorgWarner turbochargers as the base part (latest gen)
  • Genuine actuator
  • Genuine diverter
  • CNC special milled 5 axis geometry for the compressor
  • CNC 60mm inlet
  • Upgrade TTE billet milled compressor 6+6 Blade
  • TTE 9 blade larger turbines
  • Early response & spool
  • Proven TheTurboEngineers quality
  • Single parts finely balanced then components assembled and core high-speed VSR balanced
  • Supplied with a balance test result document
  • Made in Germany
When purchasing new, you may require an OEM breather and extra fixing for installation.

  • OEM Breather PN: OP2 103 211F (double lug fixing breather)
  • OEM Extra Fixing Screw PN: OP2 103 448
  • OEM Breather PN: OP2 103 211D (singe lug fixing breather)




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