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Part # 034-106-A002

Fully Enclosed FP34 Fuel Pump Surge Tank for Bosch 044 “Motorsport” Fuel Pump

Fully Enclosed FP34 Fuel Pump Surge Tank for Bosch 044 “Motorsport” Fuel Pump


The FP34 Fuel Surge tank features:

  • CNC machined billet aluminum end caps with Viton o-rings for perfect sealing
  • Tefzel fuel proof wiring inside can, same as what is used by the OEM’s
  • Extruded aluminum body, 4″ diameter by 8.5″ long body, black anodized
  • Mounting tabs that allow flexible installation options
  • M12 threaded ports on inlet and outlet for nipple or AN connections with the correct adapters, can maintain the stock check valve if desired
  • Flexible mounting from horizontal to vertical with NO fuel starvation issues
  • End cap integrated pickup design ensures that the FULL 1-liter of fuel will be available to the pump

What is included for the base price with the FP34:

  • Aluminum body and end caps that thread into an 044 pump
  • Quantity 3 -12mm plugs that allow various configurations
  • Wire pass throughts and pre-terminated fuel proof wire
  • Mounting feet for flexible mounting of FP34 Fuel Pump Unit

Other installation considerations

  • The FP34 fuel volume runs at 0 pressure, thus the return from the fuel rails should be directed back into the can, as well as the return to the tank connected so any air can vent to the fuel tank.
  • The stock or in-tank pump will be flowing at 0 psi into the FP34 meaning that its flow will be greatly increased compared to the 044 pump inside the tank running at much higher pressures.  Fuel pump flow is proportionatly inverse, the less pressure the pump needs to make the more it will flow.  Becuase of this even a low flowing stock pump will flow much more at 0psi, combined with the fuel returning from the regulator, this makes the FP34 a well filled option.
  • There are 4 main connections to the FP34: 1) Fuel from the in-tank pump IN 2) Fuel vent from the FP34 to the stock tank 3) Fuel return from the fuel pressure regulator and 4) Fuel output under pressure to the fuel rail/s
  • Because the FP34 is a self contained fuel pump system, it can be mounted virtually anywhere, even in the front of the car, where ever there is room for it.  It can also be mounted horizontally or vertically and anywhere in between.
  • The FP34 should always be mounted with the outlet either horizontal or up to completely vertically towards the sky, mounting the fuel pump outlet anything less than horizontal towards the earth will greatly reduce its active fuel capacity.
  • Be sure to lubricate the  big body o-rings with light oil before installing.


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So one question you may have, why the need for a fuel surge tank like this? Well, there are many reasons. Most stock VW/Audi fuel pumps flow enough for 200-300HP maximum, adding a higher flowing fuel pump inside the gas tank is certainly an option that we offer. In other cases, replacing the pump inside the tank is not possible due to special pickups, for example like in the Mk4, TT Quattro or R32 and others. Adding a fuel surge tank like this can easily take your stock pump from the 2-300HP to a 700HP capability that the 044 has.

Some believe that simply cutting the fuel line coming out of the stock pump and sticking a Walbro or 044 pump inline with the stock fuel like will increase output, but this is false. By installing a fuel pump in series like this, the fuel flow available to the 044 is greatly reduced, while this type of series installation could greatly improve the pressure of the fuel system, it will greatly reduce the mass flow of the fuel system. Only by installing the 044 so that is has an unrestricted feed to the inlet will maximize its flow potential.

The FP34 Fuel Surge Tank allows the stock pump to fill its 1 liter volume, also the return from the fuel pressure regulator should also to dumped back into the FP34. Then the 044 can draw from the volume without restriction with full flow to the injectors.



FP340 Showing Active Fuel Capacity,

Pickup allows full fuel scavenging

Design showing limited fuel capacity

due to starvation, due to lack of end cap integrated fuel pickup



034 Motorsport


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