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the rsr hybrid

This clutch disc was developed to increase the torque capacity over the original RSR clutch disc without having a significant increase in clutch pedal effort. The Hybrid disk is a complete redesign from the original RSR disc, utilizing an HD organic friction material on the flywheel side, and a segmented, sintered kevlar material on the pressure plate side. This provides a smooth but positive engagement. The lightweight, unsprung hub keeps the mass of the disc as low as possible. We also made a change that puts the engagement point slightly further up the pedal travel than the original RSR, or roughly in the stock engagement point area. Although the RSR hybrid isn’t silent at idle without the clutch pedal depressed it’s notably more quiet than most single mass clutches, and it does not have any of the noise that single mass kits have during low rpm acceleration or high rpm deceleration. A great deal of time, effort, and testing went into this clutch. The results have been very positive! We recommend this clutch for all high output MQB cars, and FSI / TSI cars that have turbo upgrades.


the original rsr

Proven to hold strong under the most demanding of conditions, yet with stock levels of noise and vibration, and no noticeable increase in pedal effort. By utilizing a self adjusting design, our RSR Clutch Kit ensures a strong clamping force in all applications, while maintaining a consistent pedal engagement height. In addition, the laggy feeling clutch engagement, commonly blamed on the clutch hydraulic system, is completely eliminated, resulting in a fast and positive clutch engagement with no delay.

the rsr CLutch kit

With more than just the disc, the full RSR Clutch Kit matches hand picked parts to provide the best experience possible. Combined with the Original or Hybrid RSR Clutch Disc, the RSR Pressure Plate ensures a strong clamping force, while maintaining a consistent pedal engagement height. The RSR Clutch kit can also come with any other service or maintenance parts needed.