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Part # EM100051

APR | Power Control Unit (PCU) – 2.0T EA888.4 LK2 (MK8 GTI)

APR | Power Control Unit (PCU) – 2.0T EA888.4 LK2 (MK8 GTI)


Fits 2022+ MK8 GTI 2.0T


29 in stock!


The APR Power Control Unit (PCU) is an inline tuning device designed to increase the horsepower and torque of the vehicle! The plug-and-play control unit piggybacks off the primary Engine Control Unit (ECU) to increase output. Using your smart phone or the optional wireless controller, you can change performance levels on the fly, revert to stock, adjust throttle sensitivity levels, and read/clear fault codes.

Unlike our ECU Upgrades, this physical plug-and-play unit does not alter the software on your vehicle’s factory ECU. Because of this, no plug-and-play unit can match the output of a software flash tuned ECU upgrade, but this provides an easy solution or those looking to get more power, easily. And should you ever want to revert to stock, you can simply unplug the unit from the vehicle!

This upgrade is equipped with 5 different performance levels and individual throttle sensitivity adjustments. Using your smart phone, you can fine tune each level, and change them on the fly. Using the optional wireless controller, you can change programs quickly without even using your phone!


Plug-and-play tuning upgrade adds up to 41 HP and 50 FT-LBS at the wheels
Adjustable power levels via our smart phone app or optional Bluetooth controller
Adjustable throttle sensitivity via our smartphone app
Stock power levels, 87 octane tuning (level 1), and Premium fuel tuning (Levels 2-5)
Improves power and torque across the entire RPM range
Built-in protection ensures power isn’t delivered when the vehicle isn’t up to temp or is over temp
Retains all factory safe guards and works flawlessly with onboard emissions controls
Read and clear fault codes
Smartphone works with both iOS and Android
Unplug and go back to stock at any time or transfer the unit (Not VIN locked)




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